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Selecting the right shock absorbers for a vehicle can make a significant difference in its handling on the street, off-road, or on the track. Hopefully this article will provide some much needed shock therapy for you.

Many performance enthusiasts raise the hood of their high-octane toy a minimum of once a week, looking for that last little bit of performance that they can squeeze out of the engine. We wonder when they last got out the jack and took a close look on the underside of the car, specifically, at the shock absorbers.Shock Absorber

Numerous race and performance cars and trucks make lots of power, but when it comes down to the wire, they can’t hold up because they do not have a decent suspension set-up, of which shock absorbers are a key element. While today’s bolt-on suspension systems can supply older muscle cars and even trucks with the advantages of contemporary suspension components, picking the right shock absorbers is important for optimal handling and performance .

The sole purpose of a shock absorber is to control the velocity of the suspension movement by developing resistance to the vertical motion of the wheel, or dampening.

The extension cycle of a shock absorber includes a Compression stage and a Rebound stage. Dampening happens throughout the entire extension cycle, regardless whether the shock is on a pick-up truck driving down a rough country road, a nine-second drag car, or a popular circle track automobile heading into a banked corner.

Dampening Rate

A shock’s dampening rate is identified by how rapidly the piston in the shock moves as it reacts to an uneven spot on the road or off-road surface.

The faster the piston moves, the firmer it ends up being during both compression and rebound, as an outcome of the resistance it experiences as the piston travels through the oil reservoir inside the shock absorber body. For some shock absorbers, the dampening rate is set at the factory. Other shocks use adjustable valving, enabling change of the dampening rate to better fit the vehicle or driving surface area.Shock Absorber with Dampener

Choosing a shock absorber for a high-performance application is as crucial as picking any other component on the automobile. It is an extremely specialized procedure, and we strongly suggest seeking advice from certified experts.

Shock absorbers designed for specific applications like racing have particular dampening rates to enhance their performance under the conditions common to, and set up within that racing discipline.

If the dampening is too TIGHT, the tires will not have the ability to keep appropriate contact with the driving surface area, leading to an over-dampened shock condition. If the shock dampening is too loose, the suspension will move too rapidly, also causing the tires to lose contact.

The appropriate shock absorber for any driving application will accomplish critical dampening (a perfect balance), and will provide the right amount of control with no suspension cycling. The easiest method to attain this critical dampening is with single or double-adjustable shock absorbers.

Adjustable Shocks

With all adjustable shock absorbers, an easy turn of a knob can alter the dampening . On single adjustable shocks, the rebound setting can be changed, however the compression setting remains fixed. Double adjustable shock absorbers, preferred with some racers, are constructed with special valving that allows both the rebound and compression to be adjusted. Koni even provides a double adjustable shock absorber for drag racers that features a remote control for down track rebound adjustment, permitting maximum traction throughout the run.

Various kinds of shock absorbers are customized to make the most of performance in particular applications. Uzbasic Motorsports is happy to bring a full inventory of all kinds of shock absorbers from a variety of brands, consisting of street, track, and off-road.Wheel and Shock

With many premium brands and a large choice of shock absorber styles, it’s possible to find the best fit for essentially any vehicle and racing application. Most shock absorber manufacturers’ catalogs consist of handy charts that offer assistance on the ideal shocks for a particular application. These brand companies likewise preserve outstanding tech support by means of phone and web.

Shock Therapy Catalogs

We have several Catalogs available covering all of the major Racing, Show, and Performance categories that we provide parts for.

Whether drag racer, dirt or circle track racer, off-roader, street machine, or hot rod enthusiast, the appropriate shock absorber will not just provide better handling, but also improved traction as well. It’s worth the financial investment of time and cash to give that “pride and joy” vehicle a little shock therapy!

This article was inspired by a post written by Jim Kaekel, Jr. at Motor State.

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