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How to Encourage Women’s Interest In Formula 1 And Other Forms Of Racing

One of the fastest ways to encourage women’s interest in Formula 1 and other forms of Racing is to get up to speed as a F1 Formula Racing fan as fast as possible. Now, if you’d like to succeed at F1’s US Grand Prix, this article has sure-fire tips for doing just that!————–W Series […]

Restoration of Classic Cars

I believe I may know some things about you and your current situation… I know you’re a car mechanic who dreams of becoming a vintage car restorer. Currently, you’re focused on mechanical restoration and body restoration, right? So, let me ask you a question…Would you be ecstatic if you could make a list of exactly what needs to […]

Women in Motorsports

A Powerful Woman Becoming an Automotive Technician Jana Warnke is an accomplished automotive technician student,
creative, expert thinker, and prior business owner. Local to Tacoma and taking advantage of all the exciting
opportunities that life has brought to her, she pours herself into everything
that she does with tenacity and a distinct motivation to understand the “why”
behind how things work […]

Touch-A-Truck Charity Recap

Hello once again to all of the motorsports fans. I just wanted to update everyone on the charity event Uzbasic Motorsports was involved in back on August 26th. in Algona WA.It was a great event and fun was had by one and all. It was great seeing all of the smiling faces of the children […]

Car Shows & Charity Events

Hello to everyone…..just wanted to drop you all a quick note with regards to Car Shows and Charity Events during our beautiful Pacific Northwest Summer season. If you look on the internet under CruZin Magazine & Old Timers you will find some of the upcoming cars shows not just in Western Washington but all over […]

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