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How to Encourage Women’s Interest In Formula 1 And Other Forms Of Racing

One of the fastest ways to encourage women’s interest in Formula 1 and other forms of Racing is to get up to speed as a F1 Formula Racing fan as fast as possible. Now, if you’d like to succeed at F1’s US Grand Prix, this article has sure-fire tips for doing just that!————–W Series […]

Maintain Your Race Engine

This short video is about maintaining your race engine.We put together a short video to get you started in the right direction.A race engine is an important investment, and you want to get the most out of it! To get the most out of your investment, you’ll want to get the parts you need, which means […]

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Lift Kits for Trucks Video

is for every truck and off-road enthusiast who wants to get some very useful
benefits in additional to look in bad ass and get from three to six inches
additional clearance without having significantly transformed the functional
operation of your vehicle.If you would like to read the full article then click here.You might also find the video on torque wrenches […]

3 Tips for Using Truck Lift Kits

Hey, everybody, welcome to the three-inch
truck lift kit suggestions, that’s going to help you get from three to six
inches additional clearance fast on your vehicle. This is John from Uzbasic
Motorsports Performance Parts with a brand-new truck lift kit, Facebook Live
segment of Ask The Racer. This is for every truck and off-road enthusiast who
wants to get some […]

Ask The Racer

Question #1: From: Paul M. Is horsepower more important than torque in drag racing and why?
You’ve probably heard various racers and engine builders talk about torque vs HP. Some will say “torque is what moves the car”, other’s say HP is what really matters. Torque is critical but HP is important as well. Torque’s definition […]

Racers Building Momentum

You really want to to consistently succeed at winning races and to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of every race.In the past, you’ve probably fallen short of your goal getting things done with your vehicle consistently and now you’re deeply afraid of never getting anything meaningful done, with racing, […]

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