Camshaft RPM Range

Camshaft Degreeing: To What Degree Do You Want to Win?

Camshaft Degreeing Helps Optimize an Engine’s Power But also can have a positive impact on its reliability and long-term durability. While a rebuild for a race engine can cost significantly more than one for a daily driver. Now those with intimate knowledge of high performance engines understand that there is …

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Camshaft RPM Range

The basic operating rpm range for a camshaft is its “sweet spot.” This range is where the engine will produce the most Torque and Horsepower. How is it measured? The rpm range is determined by the camshaft manufacturer. The listed range is a result of testing the camshaft on a dyno with different combinations of engine parts. Many […]

camshift lift

Camshaft Lift

In this article you will learn about measuring and adjusting lift. This came from our friends Summit Racing. When someone refers
to lift, they could be talking about 2 different things. Valve Lift
When talking about camshafts and lift, people usually mean valve lift. This is
the distance the valve actually moves. It is also called “gross
lift.” All camshaft manufacturers […]

camshaft duration

What is Camshaft Duration?

Duration is how long the
valve is off its seat. It is listed in degrees of crankshaft rotation. When
someone refers to a “big cam,” they mean it has longer duration, not
higher Lift.Manufacturers often list 2
different duration values:
Advertised Duration is the degrees of
crankshaft rotation that the lifter is raised more than […]

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