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​The #1 Performance Parts Tip

If you really want to get the best high-performance parts for a great price, this new tip holds the keys you need!

The Advantages of Using Performance Parts

High performance parts will improve a car’s acceleration, braking, and handling. A Hot Rod would have parts that increase the vehicle’s straight-line acceleration, whereas sports car enthusiasts would be […]

What Is “Drag Racing”?

Drag Racing consists of a number of items and measurements related to a vehicle attempting to go 1000 feet the quickest for Top Fuel and Funny Car races. It’s a quater mile for other drag races. Listed below are some of the items and measurements mentioned above.Burnout Box—the area just before the starting line that […]

Breast Cancer Awareness-VP Racing Fuels & Keystone Campaign

VP’s effort focuses on a special edition Pink VP Racing motorsports container.VP Racing Fuels, Inc., a leader in racing fuel technology, is continuing its annual Breast Cancer Awareness charitable initiatives. “Breast cancer impacts just about all of us in one way or another,” said Alan Cerwick, president of VP Racing Fuels. “Every October for the […]

Car Shows & Charity Events

Hello to everyone…..just wanted to drop you all a quick note with regards to Car Shows and Charity Events during our beautiful Pacific Northwest Summer season. If you look on the internet under CruZin Magazine & Old Timers you will find some of the upcoming cars shows not just in Western Washington but all over […]

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