Autometer Pro Comp Oil Pressure Gauge Installation

Autometer Pro Comp Oil Pressure Gauge

Here is a How-To Installation Video for an Autometer Pro-Comp Oil Pressure Gauge.  Of course, there are other companies like LongacreQuick Car Racing ProductsAEM & Allstar Performance. We have a wide variety of products to choose from.

Oil Pressure Gauges

An internal combustion engine measures the amount of oil pressure with an instrument called an oil pressure gauge. Also, cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawn mowers, snowmobiles, boats, and other vehicles that use engines, use oil pressure gauges, as well as aircraft, helicopters, and other types of machinery that use hydraulic systems.

Common Gauges

A typical oil pressure gauge has a large dial with numbers indicating the oil pressure level. The number at the top of the dial indicates the highest pressure reading possible. The number moves down the dial, as the oil pressure drops. If the oil pressure reaches zero, the gauge will display a red warning light. Also, they come in digital design.

With this handy device, you’ll be able to quickly and easily check your vehicle’s oil pressure.

This handy tool will let you monitor your car’s oil pressure at all times. It features an easy-to-read display that shows you how much oil pressure remains in each engine cylinder.

Auto Meter Pro-Comp

Most vehicles can work with the Auto Meter Pro-Comp Gauge.
Consequently any standard OE (original equipment) location on your vehicle can use the Auto Meter Pro-Comp Gauge. It has been tested to ensure proper operation under extreme temperatures and pressures.

This unit features an easy to read display so you can see the current oil pressure without opening the hood.
The Auto Meter Pro-Comp Gauge is easy to install and use. Simply remove the factory cap and insert the gauge into the appropriate hole. You will need to tighten the bolt with a wrench. Finally, once installed, simply turn the dial to zero and press the button to start the test. Additionally, the gauge will automatically shut off if no oil pressure is detected after 30 seconds.

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