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Parachute Installation for a Racecar Part 2

everybody, welcome back to step number two, on our air launcher installation.
What we’re going to do now is the actual air installation itself as far as the
fittings are concerned. But let me kind of recap what we actually did. I installed
all the four bolts on to the plate, through the tabs through the fabric, and
put […]

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​Ask the Racer – Feb 22

Hi, this is Jeff Peterson. Today during our Ask the racer, I will be interviewing the owner of and racer for Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts. I’ll be asking him about an important stage during a drag race, which is staging the car. So John, why is the topic of staging the car so important for […]

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1/4 mile

What Is “Drag Racing”?

Drag Racing consists of a number of items and measurements related to a vehicle attempting to go 1000 feet the quickest for Top Fuel and Funny Car races. It’s a quater mile for other drag races. Listed below are some of the items and measurements mentioned above.Burnout Box—the area just before the starting line that […]

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