Transmission Cooler and Lines

trans cooler hose installation

A transmission cooler helps keep your transmission fluid cool. Hot transmission fluid is sent from the transmission to your car’s radiator then it flows to the transmission cooler. This keeps your transmission fluid from overheating and breaking down.trans cooler kit

A transmission cooler is a must-have for anyone who uses their car for towing or for performance driving. It helps keep your transmission fluid cool and prevents your transmission from overheating.

If you want to prolong the life of your transmission, a transmission cooler is a must-have. It helps keep your transmission fluid cool, preventing your transmission from overheating and breaking down.

Transmission cooling lines

If they aren’t working properly, it will cause some problems that are pretty obvious. transmission cooler

  • Leaking transmission fluid – This is an evident sign that your transmission has issues. Leakages where the cooling lines connect to the radiator are common. Try to find red liquid when looking for leaks.
  • Low fluid levels – If you think there’s a problem with your transmission lines, examine the fluid levels using the dipstick. If the levels are reduced, it indicates a leakage. The leak might not be in the coolant lines, however that is a great place to start the search.
  • Lines with visible problems –Visually check the cooling lines. If you see lumps, openings, or splits, then it shows a trouble. The lines should be properly formed.
  • Noises – When a transmission isn’t effectively lubed, you will observe grinding or squealing sounds when you shift gears. Often, the transmission is most noisy not long after you begin it up or when you change to park after driving.
  • Poor shifting response – If you’re discovering that the auto won’t shift conveniently from one gear to the following, maybe as a result of reduced transmission fluid levels. While a variety of issues can cause a poor shifting action, it could be issues with the cooling lines.
  • Burning smell – Lastly, if you notice a burning odor from your transmission, it indicates the system is overheating. Commonly, troubles with the lines become a reason for this.

How to Video

How-To video update on transmission cooler, lines and fittings for our off season project on our 37 Chevy Coupe.  Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts has a number of coolers available like DeraleTru-CoolRacing Power Co-PackagedFlex-A-LiteBe-Cool Radiators brands.  We also have a complete line of fittings from XRPRussellAeroquipFragolaEarls along with all the needed hoses from manufacturers like Aeroquip, Russell and Earls.

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