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Electric Fuel Pumps

Electric Fuel Pumps – How They Work

An electric fuel pump is an important part of any vehicle that uses gasoline or diesel fuel. It helps move the fuel through the engine and into the carburetor. Learn how these pumps work and why they’re so important. And Why You Need One! The electric fuel pump utilizes direct current (DC). DC pumps use current from the battery to push the fuel from the gas/diesel tank through the system and into the carburetor or …

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Dodge Ram Truck

Dodge Ram Changes Over 40 Years

This is Old versus New We have here a really good video covering the greatness of older trucks, along with the advantages of 40 years of improvements in technology. The gentleman discusses a pretty cool 1982 Dodge Ram 150. He says it has a lot of character, but it’s not just about the old truck, it’s also about the new. This is old versus new, and he wants to show you what 40 years of …

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Goodbye to GT racing?

I found this article on MotorSport Magazine, and thought I should share it with you. It was written by Preston Lerner. It covers some of the history of GTLM (Generalized Two-Layer Model) racing and some examples of GT, which stands for Gran Turismo, or grand touring cars.GTLM RacingWhen the first GTLM race was run at Daytona in 2014 during […]

Fast Shafts logo with featured image

Fast Shafts has returned

When it comes to driveshafts for racers and their machines, Fast Shafts is the undisputed industry leader in speed and reliability, and officials from the USRA are honored to announce the return of Fast Shafts as the Official Driveshaft of the USRA in 2022.Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Fast Shafts has been producing driveshafts for […]

you're a racer

You’re a Racer

Believe it or not, I know some things about you. You’re a
racer!Your secret vision is to win races. In fact, what you want
most in this area of your life right now is the feeling of pride in winning,
and money.In the past, you’ve failed at not winning.Here’s some good news for a change…The issue may not […]

This is What We Do at Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts

What Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts is All AboutWe here at Uzbasic Motorsports in Graham, WA do several things related directly to motorsports, racing, charity, community and kids. We also have an online store with well over 100,000 performance parts for several racing applications and event shows for hot rods, classic and custom cars, circle track, late […]

Maintain Your Race Engine

This short video is about maintaining your race engine.We put together a short video to get you started in the right direction.A race engine is an important investment, and you want to get the most out of it! To get the most out of your investment, you’ll want to get the parts you need, which means […]

Uzbasic Motorsports New Crew Chief

I’d like to introduce you to our new crew chief Jana Warnke. She is a Tech school student in her final year and is a wonderful and valuable addition to Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts Racing Team. Watch this short video as she talks a little about finishing the valve lash on the 37 Chevy Coupe.For more of […]

Parachute Installation for a Racecar-Part 1

going to talk today in this segment about air launchers. The launcher we’re
going to talk about specifically is a Stroud, part number STR 4904, which you
can find at Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts. But let’s get going. And
let’s talk a little bit about what we have. And what we’re going to, as you can
see on the […]

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