Seasons Changing

Hello to everyone and good afternoon. Seasons changing I think. If you remember the old saying, “all good things come to an end”. So does another year of drag racing and motorsports at least as far as the Pacific Northwest area is concerned which is slowly coming to the end for the 2017 year. Even though there are still a few races in the month of October but unfortunately you’re never sure about the weather. Please check in at [email protected] for event updates. 

Years End (Seasons Changing)

Uzbasic Motorsports will do our best and try to run at least once or twice before the year ends. As the seasons change during the off-season one would look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays. We do take a little time to enjoy the holidays but then back to work on the car for the upcoming year of racing. There is so much that needs to be done during the off-season. Maintenance on the race car is the number one priority in preparation for the upcoming season. Yet there’s a lot of things behind the scene regarding social media, setting up charity events for the upcoming year, establishing a race schedule, public relations just to name some of the responsibilities during this time.

parachute on 37 Chevy Coupe Pro mod

One of Uzbasic Motorsports very important topic’s during the off-season is to try and find an established marketing partner for the upcoming season. Reaching out and contacting prospective candidates setting up appointments, presenting the presentations, discussing “Brand” identification for their organization is critical in signing the potential client or clients. If your organization is looking to establish a marketing partnership driven to increased your “Brand” identity through Motorsports branding program please feel free to contact Uzbasic Motorsports at [email protected].

Importance of Charity

race for the cure

Touch A TruckI would like to take a minute to discuss the importance of being part of a Charitable Foundation, Charity Event and/or Community Event. This season Uzbasic Motorsports was involved with a number of these charity events. It afforded the organization a great opportunity to give back to our community as well as supporting these events, meet great people along the way as well as being part of something so rewarding. 

Everyone that is reading this Blog should take a moment and think about how you can get involved with a charitable foundation or event. What an opportunity to be part of something so important and have a chance to give back and provide a helping hand and assistance to an individual, family or even community. Many of these people you help, may never know who you are but rest assured the time, help and caring is more than appreciated by those in need. 

Look for Charities

So take a minute, jump on the computer, go to the Internet, type in charity events and find out how you can help and be part of something really cool. In 2018 Uzbasic motor sports will be part of the following charity events, Touch A-Truck, Susan G Komen, Pierce County Fish Food Bank, American Heart Association as well as some charity driven Car Shows. We are looking forward to seeing you at one and one of these events.

Food Banks of Pierce County

InAmerican Heart Association closing, while the seasons changing, Uzbasic Motorsports wants to thank all of you that came out during the year to support our team, all of you who visited our website,, [email protected], as well as that read the articles, the post’s, event pages, blog and all of the other stuff we want to thank each and every one of you and give you all a big shout out and THANK YOU for a great season. More information will be coming out in the future regarding the exciting upcoming 2018 season. So stay tuned to this channel for more exciting news and be part of the fastest accelerating vehicles on earth.

Till then…..THANK YOU for being part of the biggest “Pit Crew” one race team could have…you all are the BEST!!! Also I want you to check this post called What shock length will I need.

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