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AN fittings and hoses

Braided Hose Assembly with AN Fittings

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXjQ01Vn6to Putting It Together How to assemble the steel braided hose line with AN fittings so when you order your braided hose line from uzbasicmotorsports.com,

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installing carburetor

Rochester Quadrajet

In its stock form, the Rochester Quadrajet carburetor often gets a bad rap The long-discontinued Rochester Quadrajet carburetor remains popular with performance rebuilders and tuners. 

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sportscar with LED lighting

LED Lights Take Off

Today’s new LED lights provide a practical and cost-effective replacement for traditional incandescent automotive lighting. When you think of LED lights, you probably think of

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Hot Import Nights Saturday, July 16 2022

Hot Import Nights

Thanks To Hive Auto Group Uzbasic Motorsports wants to give a big shout out to the management of HIVE Auto Group. They are based out

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