How To…Install Oil Pressure Bulkhead fitting in Race Car

How to install oil pressure bulkhead

This video is all about installing an oil pressure bulkhead. Watch it and then go back to ourĀ blog and check out our other helpful videos and articles.

Installing Oil Pressure Bulkhead Fitting

Today we’re going to do a quick how-to video and it’s going to be specifically about changing out this bulkhead t that goes up on the firewall that connects a this 4an braided line that comes off the engine block through the firewall then it’s going to hook on to the other side with another 4an in braided line to the pressure gauge provided by auto meter pro comp oil filled oil pressure gauge.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to show you that this is the other side of the actual firewall and the other side of the bulkhead and what that’s going to do is a 4an line is going to go from that fitting there over to another fitting that’s in this cluster of gauges and hook specifically to the oil pressure gauge on this car.An Fitting

Now as you can see here is the replacement part which is a 90 degree 4an bulkhead fitting that will take the place of the old part that we removed off of the car so again bear with me I’m gonna change and install this new part. This shouldn’t take more than about maybe a half hour to do.Ā  The part is actually an Aeroquip bulkhead fitting 90 degree elbow.


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