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This is What We Do at Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts

What Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts is All AboutWe here at Uzbasic Motorsports in Graham, WA do several things related directly to motorsports, racing, charity, community and kids. We also have an online store with well over 100,000 performance parts for several racing applications and event shows for hot rods, classic and custom cars, circle track, late […]

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​Ask the Racer – Feb 22

Hi, this is Jeff Peterson. Today during our Ask the racer, I will be interviewing the owner of and racer for Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts. I’ll be asking him about an important stage during a drag race, which is staging the car. So John, why is the topic of staging the car so important for […]

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A Performance Parts Tip

If you’re ready to get high performance parts at a great price, then here is a tip you need to know.

The Big Takeaway Of This Tip Is: The Benefits Of Using Performance Parts

This is all about the fact that Generally speaking, performance parts will improve a car’s acceleration, braking, and handling. For example, a door […]

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