Where Can I Find Crate Engines?


A crate engine is a fantastic way to add power to your vehicle. Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts offers a wide option of high-performance crate engines for Ford, GM, Mopar, and customized applications from a few of the leading engine contractors: Ford Racing, Chevrolet Performance, Blueprint Engines, as well as others. All are backed by industry-leading warranties so you can get the performance you want, like that brand-new small block Chevy 350, at a price you can pay for, with the guarantee you require.

Crate Engines

Crate Engine - BBC 632 815HP Dressed Model

Whether you just want a tried and tested as well as hassle-free remedy for your

vehicle, or your auto racing course mandates one, shop at Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts for crate engines!

Building a new engine or restoring an older one takes some time, tools, as well as a lot of tuning, so buying a crate engine can be a very wise and time-saving investment. You can additionally decide just how much touch-up and customizing you want to do:

A small block includes a well balanced rotating assembly and not much more.

A big block normally comes with cylinder heads, oil pan, camshaft as well as valve covers, along with horse power and torque ratings.

A crate engine consists of everything except front drive accessories (like alternators and power steering pumps), and even comes with a warranty!

Each manufacturer makes their engine uniquely! When choosing a crate engine it’s important to know what features are important to you. We can help you find the perfect engine for your build!

Top Brands

A crate engine can beCrate Engine Z427 with Front Sump & Z2 Heads a significant investment, so we only carry top manufacturers that you know and love. Shop from brands including Chevrolet Performance, Ford Performance, Mopar Performance, BluePrint Engines, and several more. We’ve put together our top three points of advice just for you about Crate Engines.

Take Note

As with other Performance Parts websites, we too have a lot of products that are backordered, however, most of our products ARE still available.

If you want to buy something and it says not available, please contact John at Contact Us and fill in your contact info, and he will contact you and work with you to get what you want. Also Check our availability on Engine Blocks and Crate Engines

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