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Ultimate Guide to Performance Parts for Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing demands peak performance from every component of the bike. Enhancing various parts not only boosts speed and power but also improves handling, safety, and reliability. This article will delve into crucial categories of performance parts for motorcycle racing, covering essential upgrades and their benefits.

motorcycle piston

A. Engine Performance Parts

1. High-Performance Pistons and Cylinders

The heart of any motorcycle is its engine, and upgrading the pistons and cylinders can significantly boost power and efficiency. High-performance pistons are designed to withstand greater pressure and heat, enabling higher compression ratios. This translates to more power and better throttle response, crucial for competitive racing.

  • Wiseco: Ensures your engine can handle greater pressure and heat, improving performance.
  • Namura: Known for excellent durability.
  • KB Performance: Provides pistons designed for maximum power output.
camshaft for motorcycle

2. Camshafts and Valve Kits

Upgrading camshafts and valve kits can greatly enhance engine breathing, resulting in increased horsepower and torque. Performance camshafts allow for more aggressive valve timing, while high-quality valve kits ensure durability under high stress.

nitrous express motorcycle intake system
  • Hot Cams: Offers a range of camshafts for different racing needs.
  • OTC Cam: Provides reliable and high-performance camshaft solutions.
  • S&S Cycle Camshaft: Known for precision and durability.

3. Performance Air Filters and Intake Systems

An efficient air intake system is vital for maximizing engine performance. High-performance air filters allow more air to flow into the engine while keeping contaminants out, leading to better combustion and increased power.

  • Twin Air: Known for its superior filtration and airflow.
  • Nitrous Express: Offers advanced intake solutions for enhanced performance.
  • Zex Nitrous Oxide Systems: Provides nitrous systems that boost engine power.
exhaust systems

4. Exhaust Systems

Upgrading the exhaust system can significantly improve engine efficiency and power output. Performance exhausts reduce backpressure and increase exhaust flow, enhancing overall engine performance.

pedal commander throttle response boosters
  • Yoshimura Exhaust: Renowned for its high-quality and performance-oriented exhaust systems.
  • Pro Circuit Racing: Offers top-tier exhaust solutions for racing.
  • Two Brothers Racing: Known for lightweight and high-performance exhausts.

5. ECU Remapping and Tuning

Optimizing the ECU (Engine Control Unit) can unlock hidden power and improve throttle response. ECU remapping involves adjusting the engine parameters to enhance performance, tailored to specific racing needs.

  • Pedal Commander: Provides advanced tuning solutions for improved throttle response and performance.
motorcycle suspension and handling, shocks

B. Suspension and Handling

1. Upgraded Suspension Systems (Forks, Shocks)

Superior suspension systems are critical for maintaining control and stability during high-speed racing. Upgraded forks and shocks provide better damping and handling, ensuring a smoother ride and improved traction.

twin power steering damper kits
  • HardDrive Products: Offers a wide range of suspension upgrades.
  • Progressive Suspension: Known for high-quality and reliable suspension components.
  • Pivot Works: Provides comprehensive suspension kits for enhanced performance.

2. Steering Dampers

Steering dampers help reduce unwanted handlebar movement and improve stability, especially at high speeds. They are essential for maintaining control and preventing wobbles during aggressive riding.

  • Twin Power: Offers robust and reliable steering dampers.
shinko motorcycle tires

3. Performance Tires and Wheels

High-performance tires and wheels are crucial for maximizing grip and handling. Racing tires provide superior traction, while lightweight wheels reduce unsprung weight, enhancing acceleration and braking performance.

  • Sedona Tire and Wheel: Known for durable and high-performance tires.
  • Coker Tire: Offers a range of performance-oriented tires.
  • Shinko Motorcycle Tires: Provides reliable and high-traction tires for racing.
all balls racing caliper rebuild kits

4. Brake Systems (Discs, Pads, and Calipers)

Upgrading brake systems is vital for ensuring powerful and consistent stopping power. High-performance discs, pads, and calipers provide better heat dissipation and improved braking efficiency.

  • Wilwood Disc Brakes: Renowned for high-performance braking components.
  • EBC Brakes Motorcycle: Offers a wide range of brake upgrades for racing.
  • All Balls: Provides comprehensive brake kits for enhanced performance.

C. Transmission and Drivetrain

mcleod rxt street twin clutch kits

1. Performance Clutches and Clutch Kits

Upgrading to a performance clutch can handle increased power and provide smoother gear changes. High-quality clutch kits are designed to withstand the rigors of racing, offering better engagement and durability.

  • McLeod Racing: Known for high-performance clutch solutions.
  • Centerforce: Offers reliable and durable clutch kits.
  • South Bend Clutch: Provides clutches designed for maximum performance.
  • Valair Clutch: Known for heavy-duty and high-performance clutches.
  • Luk Clutch: Offers a range of performance-oriented clutch kits.
accutronix inner shift levers

2. Quick Shifters and Gearboxes

Quick shifters allow for faster and smoother gear changes without using the clutch, enhancing acceleration and overall performance. Performance gearboxes provide stronger and more reliable shifting mechanisms.

  • Outlaw Racing: Offers advanced quick shifters for racing.
  • Accutronix: Known for precision-engineered gearbox solutions.
  • S&S Cycle: Provides high-quality and durable gearboxes.
sunstar powerdrive countershaft sprockets

3. Chain and Sprocket Upgrades

Upgrading chains and sprockets can improve power transfer and durability. High-performance chains reduce friction and wear, while sprockets are designed for better torque distribution.

  • Sunstar Sprockets: Offers durable and high-performance sprockets.
  • OTC Tools: Provides reliable chain and sprocket solutions.
  • JT Sprockets: Known for quality and performance.

D. Aerodynamics and Bodywork

1. Fairings and Body Kits

Aerodynamic fairings and body kits reduce drag and improve stability at high speeds. They are essential for enhancing the overall performance and appearance of the motorcycle.

  • National Cycle: Known for high-quality and aerodynamic fairings.
  • Acerbis: Offers durable and lightweight body kits.
  • Arlen Ness: Provides custom and performance-oriented fairings.

2. Windshields and Aerodynamic Accessories

Acerbis plastic kits

Upgrading windshields and adding aerodynamic accessories can reduce wind resistance and improve rider comfort. These components are crucial for maintaining high-speed stability.

  • Optic Armor: Offers high-quality windshields for racing.
  • Slipstreamer: Known for aerodynamic and durable windshield solutions.
  • Puig: Provides a range of aerodynamic accessories.

3. Lightweight Components (Carbon Fiber Parts)

Lightweight components such as carbon fiber parts reduce the overall weight of the motorcycle, enhancing acceleration, handling, and braking performance.

  • EBC Brakes Motorcycle: Known for lightweight and high-performance components.
  • Simpson Racing: Offers durable and lightweight racing parts.
  • Bell Motorcycle Helmets: Provides high-quality and lightweight helmets.

E. Electrical and Lighting

1. Performance Batteries

High-performance batteries provide reliable and consistent power, essential for starting and running high-performance engines. They are designed to withstand the demands of racing.

yuasa agm high performance maintenance free batteries
  • Yuasa Batteries: Known for reliable and high-performance batteries.
  • Davis Unified Ignition: Offers advanced battery solutions.
  • United Pacific: Provides durable and high-capacity batteries.

2. High-Output Lighting Systems

Upgrading to high-output lighting systems improves visibility and safety during night racing. These systems provide brighter and more focused illumination.

  • XK Glow: Offers high-performance lighting solutions.
  • Rigid Industries: Known for durable and high-output lights.
  • CIPA: Provides a range of advanced lighting systems.

3. Advanced Ignition Systems

Advanced ignition systems enhance spark efficiency and engine performance. They are crucial for achieving optimal combustion and power output.

  • Digital Guard Dawg: Offers advanced ignition solutions.
  • Accel Motorcycle: Known for high-performance ignition systems.
  • MSD Ignition: Provides reliable and powerful ignition components.
  • Compu-Fire: Offers precision-engineered ignition systems.

F. Safety and Protection

1. Crash Protection

Crash protection components, such as frame sliders and crash bars, are essential for minimizing damage in the event of a crash. They protect critical parts of the motorcycle and improve rider safety.

  • Motion Pro: Known for durable and effective crash protection solutions.
Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmets

2. Performance Riding Gear (Helmets, Suits, Gloves)

High-quality riding gear, including helmets, suits, and gloves, is vital for rider safety and comfort. These gear pieces are designed to offer maximum protection and performance.

  • Bell Motorcycle Helmets: Provides high-quality and protective helmets.
  • Alpinestars MX: Known for durable and performance-oriented riding gear.
  • Joe Rocket: Offers a range of protective and comfortable riding gear.

3. Electronic Rider Aids (Traction Control, ABS)

Electronic rider aids such as traction control and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) enhance rider safety and control, especially in challenging riding conditions.

  • ACDelco: Offers advanced electronic rider aids.
  • JMS Chip and Performance: Known for high-quality traction control systems.
  • FAST: Provides reliable and effective ABS solutions.

G. Maintenance and Support Equipment

1. High-Quality Lubricants and Fluids

Red Line High Performance Motorcycle Oil

Using high-quality lubricants and fluids is crucial for maintaining engine performance and longevity. These products reduce friction, prevent wear, and ensure optimal engine operation.

  • Klotz: Known for high-performance lubricants.
  • Lucas Oil: Offers a range of high-quality fluids.
  • Motul: Provides advanced and reliable lubricants.
  • Red Line Synthetic Oil: Known for superior performance and protection.

2. Tools and Diagnostic Equipment

Having the right tools and diagnostic equipment is essential for maintaining and tuning motorcycles. High-quality tools ensure precise adjustments and repairs.

  • Edelbrock: Offers a range of performance tools.
  • Helix Racing Products: Known for reliable diagnostic equipment.
  • Biker’s Choice: Provides a comprehensive selection of tools.
  • Daytona Twin Tec: Offers advanced diagnostic solutions.

3. Pit and Paddock Equipment

Efficient pit and paddock equipment facilitate smooth racing operations and maintenance. These tools and accessories are essential for quick and effective servicing.

  • Pit Posse Motorsports: Known for high-quality pit equipment.
  • BikeMaster: Offers a range of paddock tools.
  • Condor: Provides reliable and efficient pit solutions.

Enhancing a motorcycle for racing involves a comprehensive approach, upgrading various components to achieve optimal performance, handling, and safety. From engine modifications to advanced electronic aids, each upgrade contributes to a competitive edge on the track. By investing in high-quality performance parts, riders can ensure their motorcycles are race-ready and capable of delivering top-tier performance.

Additional Information

All of these brands and parts are available through our performance parts distributors. To find exactly what you need, visit our Contact Us page. Provide your contact information and a short message detailing your bike model and the parts you’re looking for. Our team will promptly assist you in finding the perfect performance upgrades for your motorcycle.

For more information and to explore a wide range of performance parts for motorcycle racing, visit Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts.

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