Bracket Class and an Index Class, Differences?

A bracket class utilizes .500 full tree and you will dial your vehicle according to your test passes. A index class is a either .400 or .500 pro tree and depending on the class you are given a dial in to run. Classes are usually 10.90, 9.90, 8.90 for super classes. Nostalgia Classes also run an index class of 10.60, 9.60, 8.60 & 7.60. Index and bracket classes are the same in general you can’t go faster than the dial, the objective is to run as close to the dial in as possible without going under. if the both racers go under the dial whoever goes under the most, loses unless there was a red light (foul) start. hope this helps good luck and be safe!

What type of maintenance do you do on your race during off season?

– We have some how-to videos on what we do during the off season as well as some handy video’s on building containers to how’s engine components during the off seasons…you can find them on our YouTube Channel, as well as our “Blog” page on our site.

– We remove push rods & Roller Rockers and submerge them in oil during the off season.

– If you’re in a cold climate we drain the block as well to ensure the block doesn’t crack if it gets too cold.

– Put the car on either jack stands or Pro-Jacks

– Release the chutes and open them up

– Before the season starts back up we then do a complete PM on the vehicle


o Checkget needed engine performance parts and tighten all nuts and bolts

o Re-check and verify 4 Link suspension

o Check all fluids in the vehicle (ie: Transmission, engine, rearend)

o Install new set of spark plugs (Usually have at least 4 backup sets)

o Balance all tires

o Re-install tires and tighten to specified or recommended torque pounds

o Lubricate all zerk fittings

o Re-install all Push Rods & Roller Rockers

o Check Valve Lash at

§ First we set them up cold just to get them close.

§ Then we start the engine and warm up the drive train and recheck them hot for the final lash values per cylinder.

o Verify timing of the engine

– During the season we usually don’t take out the rods and rockers unless there is a longer than normal break in the schedule.

o Usually we will leave then between races, but what we do is turn over the engine 90 degrees once a day. This will ensure your valve spring integrity. What you don’t want to happen is your springs that are under pressure start losing overall strength which will affect your engines overall performance. This way your springs are always changing the pressure applied so they won’t start prematurely weakening.


I hope you found this article on the bracket class and index class differences useful. Please check out our other posts on our blog. If you are in need of driveshafts then Fast Shafts is the undisputed industry leader in speed and reliability. You might also be interested in Goodbye to GT racing?

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