Door Straps & Bump Start Installation

How-To Video on how to install your own Door Straps and Bump Start. We will be using the 37 Chevy Coupe as the  guinea pig once again.  Your can find doors strips under Chassis Engineering and Competition Engineering to name a few companies.

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Quick Update

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I got some new parts in, we got a set of door straps and additionally  I’ve got a set of bump starters for the car. I’ve actually installed one of the straps already just to be sure that everything is working right. And basically, that looks good, fits good, all the good stuff. Hey, by the way, all these parts came from Rick RJ racecars Rick and Ricky Jones. A shout out to those guys at Quarter Maxx, really good bunch of guys.  

I got the bump starter right there, that’s gonna be replaced, we’ll show you the other bump starter which is the culprit. This one is burnt out and stopped working at the end of last year, so perfect timing. It’s time to get rid of that and get some new stuff in there.

The Insidedoor straps

I also wanted to give you a quick look on the inside of the car just for the purpose of showing you. Right there is the bump starter, and there’s the other one located behind all the Auto Meter cluster where the tach is. There is the oil pressure, water temperature etc., and those will be replaced. I’ll probably be working on those tomorrow. It should take about a half hour to take all the wiring apart. Then we’ll get everything going and get everything out so we can get some new stuff installed and everything working.

I hope you enjoyed this How-To Video on how to install your own Door Straps and Bump Start Installation.

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