Rocker and Pushrod Removal

n this video, I will show the process of rocker and pushrod removal and off-season storage for your racecar. You’ll want to keep your rockers and pushrods fully covered with oil so as to protect them from rust damage during your off-season.

After rocker and pushrod removal, in this video, I will show the process of rocker and pushrod romoval and off-season storage for your racecar. John has shown that it is relatively simple to protect your rockers, pushrods, springs and everything under the valve covers.

We made a more general video on maintaining your race engine that you should also take a look at over here.

rockers and pushrods

And of course, when you are in need for rockerspushrods, or anything performance parts related, we got you covered here at Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts. We have virtually anything that you might need or want from our storefront page.

I hope you enjoyed this post on rocker and pushrod removal. Here is a post about Camshaft RPM Range. It’ll cover things like this- The rpm range has a lot to do with Duration. Generally, cams with smaller duration numbers make peak horsepower at lower rpm.

Here is some useful information at Summit.rocker and pushrod removal Here is an article on being a racer.

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