Parachute Installation for a Racecar Part 2

everybody, welcome back to step number two, on our air launcher installation.
What we’re going to do now is the actual air installation itself as far as the
fittings are concerned. But let me kind of recap what we actually did. I installed
all the four bolts on to the plate, through the tabs through the fabric, and
put the nuts on the back end. Now, you install the air down here, I actually
already put in the three eighths inch lines coming off of each one of the air
pistons. What I’m now going to do is tie it into this T.


that works is simply this way, insert that side, then what I will do is I will
insert the other side. And then what I’m going to actually end up doing is
cable tying this or securing it right here. And then this tube right here is
actually coming from. And in the next segment or Step three, we’ll show you how
this air actually works from the inside of the car. But we’re going on, what
we’re gonna end up doing is I will trim this three eighths inch tube and slide
it actually into this tee to finish the hook up in the back of the car. But
before we go on, I just wanted to make one more comment is down over here.


is that activator, slash bleeder. And how this again works is when the air
bottle is on and the chutes are in place, everything is tied down. I will
actually go here and throw that to on. What then happens, it opens this the
bleeder activator and applies pressure to the chutes themselves or to the
pistons. So that when I’m ready to deploy the chutes, I just push the button,
or I slide the handle depending on what application you’re going to use if it’s
going to be an air launcher or a manual type deal. And then as soon as these
pull out of the shoot itself, the chute will deploy because this now will push
the chute out and force it out of the holder. So the chute can deploy.

when I’m done with the run, both of these will literally be out in this
position. With air applied against it, what I’ll do is I’ll come to this switch
and throw it to off and that will automatically bleed all the air pressure
that’s in this cylinder out. Once that bleeds out, all I need to do is just
push them in. leave that off, because that will only be armed when you’re ready
for your next run. So that’s pretty much the installation as far as the back
half of the car is concerned. So now stay tuned. On the last step we’re going
to talk about the finishing of the installation of the air on the inside of the
car. So, stay tuned. We’ll be back in a minute.

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