Parachute Installation for a Racecar Part 2 Video

parachute installation

Parachute Installation Video

For a parachute installation, what we’re going to do now is the actual air installation itself as far as the fittings are concerned. But let me kind of recap what we actually did. I installed all the four bolts on to the plate, through the tabs through the fabric, and put the nuts on the back end. Now, you install the air down here, I actually already put in the three eighths inch lines coming off of each one of the air pistons. What I’m now going to do is tie it into this T. For the full article on on parachute installation Part-2 click here. Go take a look at the products talked about in this video on Stroud Safety. Also check out a post on Dodge Ram Changes over 40 Years.
parachute on 37 Chevy Coupe Pro mod
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