Parachute Installation for a Racecar-Part 1 Video

Stroud air launchers, like I was telling you about now, kind of give you an idea about what’s in the kit. The kit comes obviously, with the launching or the plate, the piston, the pneumatic piston, comes with the bags that fit over the top of the piston and the actual chute plate here. As well as a valve. Now this valve, basically, it’s pretty unique. Because what it is, it is an activator where you can turn it on to apply air. So, when you’re ready to pop the chutes, they’ll deploy. And then when you come back, you just have to throw this off and it releases all the air pressure so that you can push the pistons literally back in when you’re done when they’re deployed. So awesome part also comes with various fittings, it comes with T’s, straights, as well as I installed this already to 90 degrees. It also comes with a complete D bag and a mini shoot, if you will. So now what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to go over this today and kind of give you an idea about installing.

If you would like to read the article, check out my blog post on

Parachute Installation for a Racecar-Part 1.

If you want to see some of these parachute launchers that I was talking about, check them outĀ here.

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