High Pressure Mechanical Fuel Pumps – How They Work

High Pressure Fuel Pump

The high pressure fuel pump is an essential part of any vehicle that uses gasoline or diesel fuel. It forces fuel into the engine at extremely high pressures.

How Do These Fuel Pumps Work?

A high pressure fuel pump works by forcing fuel through small holes called nozzles. These nozzles are located inside the pump housing. When the fuel passes through these nozzles, it is compressed. This compression creates a force that pushes the fuel out of the nozzle and into the engine.High Pressure Fuel Pump

Types of High Pressure Fuel Pumps

There are two main types of high pressure fuel pumps: positive displacement and centrifugal. Positive displacement pumps use pistons to push fuel through the nozzles. Centrifugal pumps use impellers to do the same thing.

Benefits of Using These Types of Fuel Pumps in Automotive Applications

High pressure fuel pumps are used in automotive applications because they provide several benefits.

  • They allow for more precise metering of fuel than other methods.
  • They reduce the possibility of air being drawn into the system.
  • They prevent fuel from leaking out of the system.
  • They improve engine performance.
  • They help protect against corrosion.
  • Reduce emissions.
  • Make it easier to start engines cold.
  • Reduce the need for frequent oil changes.
  • Reduce the chance of fuel starvation.
  • Reduce the chances of vapor lock.
  • Reduce the chances that the fuel will freeze.
  • Reduce the chances for fuel contamination
  • Reduce the chances the fuel will burn excessively
  • Reduce the chance that the fuel will ignite
  • Reduce the risk of fire

Common Problems with High Pressure Fuel Pumps.

High Pressure Fuel Pump

There are two main types of high pressure fuel pumps. One type uses an electric motor to force fuel through a small opening at high pressure. This type of pump is commonly found in older vehicles. Another type uses a mechanical device to pressurize fuel. These pumps are common in newer cars.

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They Can Save You Money Over Time.

High pressure fuel pumps can save you money over time. They can last longer than other parts of your vehicle. They are more reliable than other parts of your car. And they are less likely to break down than other parts of your engine.

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