3 Steps to Success with Fuel Pressure Regulators

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

This is John with Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts here with a new, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Facebook live Ask the Racer segment. Tis is for every Performance Parts Enthusiast who wants to do Proper adjustment, testing and research, and Having their vehicle run at peak performance without needing to Spend endless amounts of money, if you follow certain recommendations.

Here’s the scoop…As you can see are just a few examples of different brand name Pressure Regulator like Aeromotive, Holley, MSD,Ā Quick Fuel Technology and many other options.

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

Step #1 – Research for The Proper Application

  • Ā Number of Ports ā€“ Single, double, 4 or 6 port will depend on your needs
  • What type and ā€œBrandā€ will fit your needsā€¦.
  • Recommended Pressure Levelsā€¦Internet can provide a number of recommendations


Step #2 – Proper Set-up of Fuel Regulator

  • Locate area to install regulator
  • Install in line a pressure gauge (1 will work). 2 if possible 1 for pump pressure the other actual pressure
  • Measure length of fuel lines needed
  • Determine AN fitting size need based on AN fitting on your carburetor as well as on Regulator
  • Install Fuel regulator pressure gauge usually there are ports available on more expensive regulator if not you will need to purchase an adapter to plumb the pressure gauge in-line
  • Install AN Fittings
  • All fitting tightened


Step #3 – Final Testing of The Fuel Regulator

  • Test for any leaks, if so, retighten fitting and recheck
  • Check static flow, engine off. All this will do is tell you what the static flow is from you pump.
  • Start engine and adjust actual fuel pressure based on pressure gauge
  • Recommended pressure depending on application baseline is 6ā€”9 lbs.


So, moving forward from this point?

1. Make sure you do your research based on your vehicle

2. Installation is critical to performance and safety

3. If set-up correctly your car will performance to its peak both on the road and track

The big idea here is that you can make Proper adjustments, testing and research without having to Spend needless amounts of money if you follow certain recommendation.

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I would like you to watch my video that I made about Fuel Pressure Regulators on this video post aboutĀ Fuel Pressure Regulators.

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