Dodge Ram Changes Over 40 Years

Dodge Ram Truck

This is Old versus New

We have here a really good video covering the greatness of older trucks, along with the advantages of 40 years of improvements in technology. The gentleman discusses a pretty cool 1982 Dodge Ram 150. He says it has a lot of character, but it’s not just about the old truck, it’s also about the new. This is old versus new, and he wants to show you what 40 years of truck technology can do versus 2022.

Dodge Ram 150, 1984

Dodge Ram Simpler in 1982?

As far as trucks are concerned, things were a lot more simple in 1982 than they are now. Because here you’re looking at the very typical light duty, full size truck from that era. You got a two door regular cab, you’ve got a giant eight foot bed for utility, and this happens to be a two wheel drive. It’s way under 4000lbs. at the curb weight. It’s basically like a current compact car.

In the following video, he will go over all things old vs. new covering the Dodge Ram.

newer Dodge Ram

More on Trucks

I hope you enjoy the video. If you have an older truck or a new one, regardless of brand, we have any replacement parts that you might need. Just click in the search box above and type in ‘truck’ and a bunch of suggestions will drop down. Or you can click Departments at the top and choose what you need from there. Here are Truck Bed Covers, and here are some Truck Step Bars. I have an article on a Guide to Off-Road Trucks that you will like.

Here is an interesting article on how to Maintain Your Race Engine.

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