32nd Annual Holiday Charity & Toy Drive

Hello to everyone in the beautiful Pacific Northwest area. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge what we at Uzbasic Motorsports believe is a great charity event that is coming up on Saturday December 2nd., 2017 at the Pierce County Skill Center at 16117 Canyon Rd. E in Puyallup WA from 11am – 4pm. The event is being hosted by Graffiti Vintage Car Club of Tacoma in support of Pierce County Fire Fighters Union.

The Graffiti Vintage Car Club32nd Annual Holiday Charity & Toy Drive

Graffiti Vintage Car Club of Tacoma Cordially invites all Car Enthusiast & Families to our 32nd Annual Holiday Charity & Toy Drive. The charity event provides help for men, women, children & families in need within Pierce County throughout the year. There are so many different services this charity provides during the year.

The Toy Drive32nd Annual Holiday Charity & Toy Drive 1

Part of this charity is the toy drive. The only entry cost to the event is you must provide a toy or financial donation in order to be part of this great holiday charity. The interesting part of the toy drive is the toys are provided to the first responders of a tragic event that involves children or to families with children. For children a traumatic incident is something that is hard to deal with at any age. In the middle of chaos just a friendly voice, someone who cares and a toy is all a child may need in order to cope with this experience. This charity is truly worth the help and support that each and every one of you can provide to help people within Pierce County that need you the most right now.

The Fun Just Begins32nd Annual Holiday Charity & Toy Drive 2

That’s not where the fun stops, the fun is only starting. How many of you have ever been involved in a Chinese auction? That’s right, I said a Chinese auction. Let me explain how this works. During the year Graffiti Vintage either purchases or through donations receives a plethora of items to auction off within this event. Each item is thoroughly explained before the bidding begins.

The auctioneer will announce opening bid and an individual can start the bidding at $1.00 or how much you feel you would like to bid on that item. Every one that is in attendance has the ability to bid on that item but only the item that is currently being auctioned off. The great thing about the Chinese auction is everyone has the same chance of winning the auctioned item. The bidding on that item remains “live” until the auctioneer has no more further bids. At that point the bidding for that item is closed.

This Charity Gets Even More Fun32nd Annual Holiday Charity & Toy Drive 3

We then randomly pick a single number which coincides with the number give to the bidder by the auctioneer during the bidding process. The individual that has that number of the auctioned item is the winning. So theoretically you can win a $500 item for $1.00 or as much as you would like to bid. I know it sounds crazy but what a fantastic time you will all have being part of a Chinese auction. There will be a lunch available at the event. It will be a Deli sandwich buffet with potato salad. And all for just $9 plus you can get your favorite soft drink for just $1.

Make Some New Friends32nd Annual Holiday Charity & Toy Drive 4

Just think about the people you will meet, and friends you will make. You can provide help and assistance to men, women, children and families of Pierce County.
For more information go to uzbasicmotorsports.com. under the events page or facebook@37chevycoupe under the event page as well. You to can also email us on our Contact Us page.

Looking forward to seeing you at Graffiti Vintage Car Club of Tacoma 32nd Annual Holiday Charity & Toy Drive. One more thing, I have an article on the Restoration of Classic Cars, check it out.

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