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Are you a Ford Truck lover? Do you need to find a good article on Ford trucks, but you feel like Chevy Truck lovers are conspiring against you and sabotaging your success? Do you have questions about Ford F-250 or maybe you need some tools to help you? Well look no further because this article will give you the tools and answers you need, without you having to search a long time. Best of all, these goodies will put you on the fast-track to Ford F-250 success right now.


1964 Ford F-250 Once Put Out Fires for U.S. Forest Service

After a prolonged period of other activities, Solomon Lunger, the affable host of the Ford Era channel on YouTube, is finally back with another episode from his “What The Truck?” series. Coincidence or not, the latest vehicle to be featured on the channel is yet another greenish F-250.

Ford 250 pickup

So, probably just to show that Super Duty trucks come in all shapes, forms, and sizes, from barn finds to 850-hp pre-runner monsters, here’s another example with a cool twist. And no, it’s not yet another “Highboy,” although its massive height might suggest otherwise.

Now It’s a Hot 460ci Custom

Instead, we are dealing with a 1964 F-250 Short Bed 4×4 that was once the pride and joy of the U.S. Forest Service Fire Department. Under the expert guidance of the good folks over at Hodson Motors, a father and son business located inside a small shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, it has turned into something else entirely.

They know their stuff, as the one-of-a-kind truck is now completely custom. Better hear the entire story from Riley Hodson, but as far as highlights are concerned, we probably need to address the entire elephant in the backyard. The ‘64 still has the original Forest Service badge, and probably just about everything else is bespoke, fabricated, or custom-ordered.

But just to slightly hint at the goodies, better watch out for the F-600 front fenders with matching custom rear fenders and bed (so all of them align). Also, beware of dropping the jaw at the sight of all the little black details, such as the pipe rear bumpers and roll cage, or the fact that the truck’s rear window comes from a Unibody to achieve the wraparound effect.Ford F250

Ford F-250 Like a Lunar Rock?

And did anyone notice this unique ceramic-coated gunmetal green is a bit akin to Toyota’s Lunar Rock? A lot more is going on outside, but we also need to see the interior (from the 7:12 mark) with its Dakota Digital instruments and comfy brown leather upholstery.

It also comes with massive headroom – courtesy of the F-800 roof (it was the only way for firefighters to wear helmets inside!). Oh, we also can’t skip the engine glimpse at its 460ci Holley Sniper EFI greatness, but of course, everyone is now too eager to get to the ride-along part (from 8:50), right?

This article was posted on the AutoEvolution website.

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