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Autometer – Dial in Every Measurement with Customizable Precision

Get the most out of your vehicle’s performance by having the ability to measure each and every pressure, level and other gaugeable measurement. With the easy-to-read Autometer gauge designs, upgraded digital dash kits and high-performance tachometers.

Autometer Gauges

Fuel pressure, oil pressure, water temp, air and more can all be tracked and measured with the most precise rates. You will never be let down by our products with more than 60 years of satisfied customers and countless vehicles tuned to perfection with our gauges.

Autometer Digital Dash

Replace or upgrade to a digital dash with Autometer. Complete your custom vehicle with beautifully illuminated, precise speed measurement. With the Autometer Digital Dash, you can customize the screen colors to your favorite color or vehicle color. 

Home in on all your vehicle’s vitals in a clean, visually appealing layout. No matter if you drive an old muscle car or a new sports car, a digital dash is the upgrade you have been looking for. 


Complete your custom dash with a tachometer. With a tachometer from Autometer, you will be gaining a great tool built to last with accuracy. You will be able to know the true health of your engine when you can monitor your RPM with an Autometer tachometer

Autometer Water Temperature Gauge

Your vehicle’s water temperature is a variable temperature that is very important to monitor. Whether you want a general reading or a dialed in digital readout, we Autometer can provide the design and accuracy you desire. Choose from black, white, silver or classic styles for your project. Whether you are restoring or replacing the water temperature gauge in your vehicle, Autometer can provide a quality product that performs exactly the way you need it to. Choose Autometer for the greatest precision and accuracy in your readings.



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