Get the most out of your vehicle’s performance by having the ability to measure each and every pressure, level and other gaugeable measurement. With the easy-to-read Autometer gauge designs, upgraded digital dash kits and high-performance tachometers.

Autometer Gauges

Fuel pressure, oil pressure, water temp, air and more can all be tracked and measured with the most precise rates. You will never be let down by our products with more than 60 years of satisfied customers and countless vehicles tuned to perfection with our gauges.

Autometer Water Temperature Gauge

Your vehicle’s water temperature is a variable temperature that is very important to monitor. Whether you want a general reading or a dialed in digital readout, we Autometer can provide the design and accuracy you desire. Choose from black, white, silver or classic styles for your project. Whether you are restoring or replacing the water temperature gauge in your vehicle, Autometer can provide a quality product that performs exactly the way you need it to. Choose Autometer for the greatest precision and accuracy in your readings.

Autometer Digital Dash

Replace or upgrade to a digital dash with Autometer. Complete your custom vehicle with beautifully illuminated, precise speed measurement. With the Autometer Digital Dash, you can customize the screen colors to your favorite color or vehicle color. 

Home in on all your vehicle’s vitals in a clean, visually appealing layout. No matter if you drive an old muscle car or a new sports car, a digital dash is the upgrade you have been looking for. 


Complete your custom dash with a tachometer. With a tachometer from Autometer, you will be gaining a great tool built to last with accuracy. You will be able to know the true health of your engine when you can monitor your RPM with an Autometer tachometer

Autometer tachometer gauges from Uzbasic Motorsports are the perfect way to monitor the RPMs of your vehicle. These gauges make it easy to accurately read the revolutions per minute (RPM) at which your engine is running, providing an excellent indication of performance and reliability. With a range of features such as digital displays, alarms, and advanced sensors, Uzbasic Motorsports Autometer tachometer gauges offer an exceptional level of convenience and accuracy.

In order to get accurate readings when measuring RPMs, Autometer tachometer gauges use high-precision sensors that can detect even the slightest fluctuations in rotational speed. This ensures that you always have reliable data on hand so you can get a clear picture of how your engine is performing. In addition, these gauges provide detailed information on acceleration timing too, helping you make sure that your vehicle is running at its optimal level with every shift.

The digital displays included in Uzbasic Motorsports Autometer tachometer gauges allow for quick and easy monitoring of current readings with maximum accuracy and precision. Additionally, they feature alarm settings which allow you to set thresholds and receive alerts if readings fall outside this range, notifying you so that any necessary maintenance or adjustments can be made in a timely manner. Finally, these meters come with excellent response times for faster processing of data so that you won’t miss out on any vital information even when driving at higher speeds or during sudden changes in acceleration.

When it comes to durability, Uzbasic Motorsports Autometer tachometer gauges are built using only the highest quality materials for long lasting results even in extreme conditions such as motor racing or offroading. Furthermore, their simple design makes them intuitive and easy to use while their compact size means they won’t take up too much space within your instrument cluster.

For anyone looking for a reliable way to monitor the RPMs of their vehicle with maximum convenience and accuracy, Uzbasic Motorsports Autometer tachometers are an ideal choice. With advanced features like digital displays, alarms and fast response times plus robust construction to withstand extreme conditions, these meters will help keep your car running optimally no matter where you go!

Autometer Fuel Gauge

Your vehicle’s fuel level is is extremely important to monitor. With Autometer, you can dial in the precise fuel levels to know exactly how far you will be able to go on your tank. Choose Autometer for the greatest precision and accuracy in your readings.

How do Fuel Gauges Work?

A vehicle gas gauge measures the amount of fuel you have in your tank. It also alerts you if you are low on fuel. In modern cars, the gauge is a microprocessor controlled sensor that eliminates the need to use a fuel pump.

The gauge is usually comprised of two main parts: a sender and an indicator. These parts communicate through a microprocessor to deliver the fuel level reading to the dashboard.

The sender consists of a foam float mounted on a thin metal rod. As the float rises or falls, the rod is placed across a variable resistor, which changes the amount of electrical current flowing to the indicator. This translates into an accurate measure of the fuel level.

Usually, the indicator is a single panel LCD unit. Modern cars are outfitted with a variety of integrated microprocessor-controlled systems, which are capable of performing countless calculations per second.

There are also many things that can go wrong with a fuel gauge. For example, an indicator that is stuck on a full tank may give the impression that you’ve been burning through your fuel reserve, when in reality, you haven’t.

The best way to test the functioning of your fuel gauge is by determining what is causing the problem. There are a number of components that can affect the gauge, including the sending unit, the variable resistor, and the indicator.

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