Troubleshooting and Solving Ignition Problems for Optimal Performance

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Ignition Problems

Enhancements to your ignition can improve gas mileage, fuel economy, and even horsepower, as well as eliminate ignition problems.

  • Ignition problems may seem like just another annoyance for drivers. However, they really do impact performance andIgnition Problems fuel efficiency. The thing is, that ignition enhancements are easy to install and inexpensive to buy. So it’s worth the investment if you want your car running at its best, because without ignition there can be no combustion.
  • However, ignition problems can cause major performance issues, but they are often the easiest challenges to solve. Ignition distributors are responsible for receiving high voltage from the ignition coil to provide spark to the spark plugs.
  • The distributor is responsible for sending the electricity to each of the cylinders in a sequential fashion. This process is called “igniting” or “sparking” the air and fuel mixture in each cylinder so that it burns efficiently and produces power.
  • These problems can also cause misfires at the point of combustion. This has an impact on the engine’s torque, power, fuel consumption and emissions. A misfire causes a decrease in engine performance which can lead to reduced vehicle top speed.
  • Ignition problems also lead to more wear on the cylinders and valves which will require more frequent maintenance for your car.

Ignition CausesCommon Causes

The most common causes for ignition problems are: distributor cap, heat, vibration, moisture, dirt and contaminants as well as oxidation.

The distributor cap is the most common cause of ignition problems today. It is very common for seals to dry up and become brittle over time, which means that they don’t seal properly when they should. This will allow moisture and other contaminants to get inside and corrode the distributor cap, which reduces its capability to handle high voltage spikes.

Possible Solutions

One solution could be an aftermarket distributor cap with improved seals (e.g.,Ignition Solutions Viton) or a different material altogether (e.g., ceramic). Needless to say, everything you could possibly need for ignition problems, you can get here at Uzbasic Motorsports Performance Parts.

Speaking of getting parts that you need, check this post on doing just that on How To Get Needed Engine Performance Parts At A Reasonable Price. This link will take you to a short video about 3 Symptoms of a Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator.

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