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Snell SA2015 Racing Helmets Review

Some Benefits

In case you don’t know, a Snell SA2015 Racing Helmet gives you the keys to be provided top level protection and safety. Snell SA2015 helmets also have M6 female threaded inserts installed in the shell to accept head and neck restraint anchors.

Snell SA 2015 is sold at Uzbasic Motorsports, a high-performance racing helmet for the Racing Industry.

Snell approved helmets ensure the end user confidence that it will protect your most important asset, your head. It also provides a level of comfort. They also have connections for driver air system designed to pump fresh air into the driver’s helmet.

Here’s the bottom line for you: these helmets will protect the most important component of the race, your head. I cannot overstate the importance of safety here. It is crucial to protect your head during races.

Helmet ST5 GT Small 55cm Composite SA2015

What makes Snell SA 2015 special as opposed to other Racing Helmets is the helmets that we have are tested to the Snell SA2015 Standard, and all have passed.
SA2015 helmets must be ready for the addition of frontal restraint tether hardware such as used in HANS® and other systems.

SA2015 includes provisions for “Low Velocity” impact testing.
SA2015 includes “Low Lateral” impacts in case of strikes against side window frames and similar structures.

One incredible thing about Snell SA2015 that you might miss is A pull test is done that simulates a head and neck restraint acting on the helmet to test the strength of the anchors in the shell. With new low-velocity impact tests simulate minor bumps, and new low-lateral tests simulate striking a side window frame. So, these helmets have been tested to improve your safety.

Who Uses These

By the way, this Racing Helmet is not for those into motorcycle racing. The standards are not as stringent for this kind of racing. The protection from impact is not the same. This is for everyone that wants to participate in automotive motorsports events. These are required for your safety. We sell over 200 models and a variety of brands.

The feature I love about it most is Primarily the safety provided as well as the comfort. They fit perfectly. Also, they look really cool. Now, nothing’s perfect and I do want to tell you that The Snell SA2020 standard is a revision of the Snell SA2015 standard to bring it more in line with the FIA8859-2015 standard, which are standards used by motorsports organizations in the UK and Europe. So in effect no new safety improvements have been implemented

That’s actually not a big deal because the prices for the SA2015 helmets have dropped by significant amounts. This means that you could afford to also shop for other needed, or just plain wanted items.M8 Helmet White Small SA15

Our driver, John Uzbasic has always used the best helmets that he could get. He knows how important it is to protect the head during motorsports events. He runs a 37 Chevy Coupe ProMod in Top Sportsman class.

The great news for you is that the cost is varied. We have a variety of Brands and prices, all discounted by 25%. You’re bound to find one just for you. Compared to the prices offered by other online parts stores, we can get you what you want and need at a price that works for you.

Grab It Now

You should definitely grab this now to get the best pricing on the Snell SA2015 Helmets which are approved through expiration of the certification, which is 10 years from the date shown, which will be in 2025. This savings plus 5 additional years of use should offer a great reason to change out your older and used helmet!!

Go to this post to check out some of the events we went to.

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