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Royal Purple – An Oil Brand for all Consumers

Royal Purple is a brand most racecar drivers and commuters rely on for quality performance and durability. Oil changes are a breeze with quality filters, quality oil and great value. The gear oil is second to none in its performance for new or well-worn transmissions and differentials. 

Oil Filter

Royal Purple oil filters offer a top-of-the-line filtration system for optimum flow with performing at a high capacity to clear debris of all kinds. This advanced filtration system allows for an extended life of your engine and the filter itself.

Enjoy ease of ownership with Royal Purple oil filters. The advanced design enables you to use your filter longer by creating cleaner oil for the long run. Over the life of your vehicle, you can save hundreds in costs with extended filter life and superior power.

Royal Purple Oil

Royal Purple oil is a great synthetic oil option. This oil with the instantly recognizable purple bottle is a favorite amongst motorists with commuter cars and cars on the track.

Extend the life of your vehicle with a high-quality oil like Royal Purple.

Gear Oil

A high-quality gear oil is integral to the function and performance of your transmission and drivetrain. We all know the horrors of a failed transmission and drivetrain components, so you want to take the best care of your transmission and drivetrain that you can – and that starts with a high-quality gear oil from Royal Purple.

Let the gears of your vehicle move with the ease and protection of Royal Purple Gear Oil.




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