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K&N Engineering – 50 years of Performance, Filtration, Innovation

K&N Engineering is a company that has been around over 50 years in the automotive industry. Crafting only the best parts for your vehicle, the company holds product excellence to high standards. K&N Engineering is the leader in automotive filtration and technology and has been since their humble beginnings of two motorcycle racers inventing better products for offroad environments.

With K&N Engineering, you will find products that are built to last, fit perfectly for your model and engineering with a history of precision manufacturing and success. Replace your parts with confidence when you choose K&N.

Save yourself time and money with K&N’s washable filters. The technology behind K&N’s filters allow the product to be easily washed to be like new. The cotton gauze in combination with a proprietary oil create a product like no other with performance to match. Protect your engine and get the most out of the power behind your vehicle.

K&N Oil Filters

K&N Engineering oil filters work hard to protect your engine from contaminants. Millions of drivers and shops have trusted K&N to filter their engine oil for decades and keep coming back to this brand due to the high-quality standards in each product.

K&N Air Filters

K&N Engineering air filters are built to last in extremes. From daily driving to drag races and laps on the track, a K&N air filter will perform time and time again. There are no tools necessary for these easy-to-install filters. Find yourself with a new lifetime warranty air filter, installed in less than five minutes.

These cleanable filters are engineered to last the lifetime of your vehicle. From road trips, daily commutes and on the racetrack, K&N is the top choice.

Cold Air Systems from K&N

K&N cold air intake systems are designed with ultimate performance in mind. Optimize your vehicle’s performance with the best technology on the market for fit and functionality.

Air Filter Oil

K&N air filter oil is designed to work with the cotton fabric K&N air filters to improve the performance of your filters and elongate the life of them as well. Our K&N air filter oil is specially formulated to provide a superior air filtration system experience. Our oil is proprietary and sets us apart from other brands. The oil penetrates and soaks into the pleats of our cotton filters to provide a superior experience in air filtration. See for yourself with more people choose K&N Engineering.