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Flowmaster – Performance Mufflers, Intakes, and Exhaust


Flowmaster is a manufacturer of performance mufflers, intake and exhaust systems, as well as exhaust tips that are second to none. When you think of Flowmaster, you think of powerful performance with durability and top ratings in every category and extensive options.

Flowmaster has been an industry leader since 1983, building relationships with customers with products you can trust with each purchase. Whether you’re looking for that certain exhaust tone, replacing worn or damaged parts with new, or just seeking better performance overall, you can trust Flowmaster to get the job done.


Flowmaster is constantly working on their designs and technology to bring you the latest innovations in mufflers. Up your vehicle’s capabilities with a top-of-the-line muffler. Tune in the sound of your vehicle with a Flowmaster muffler. Silence a loud engine or enhance the rumbling capabilities your vehicle has. Turn any vehicle into the vehicle of your dreams with sound it was always meant to have.

Intake and Exhaust Systems

A good intake and exhaust system is integral to health of your vehicle. Customize materials, inner and outer sound levels and upgrade the look as well as performance of your vehicle with the classy, sleek design of a Flowmaster intake and exhaust systems.

A Flowmaster intake and exhaust system is the definition of style and performance on any hotrod, car or truck. Show your flair with an outlaw style, or find yourself offroad with a snorkel intake system.

Exhaust Tips

Take your exhaust’s style a step further with a Flowmaster exhaust tip. Most of our exhaust system kits come fully equipped with an exhaust tip to perfectly fit your vehicles new exhaust system. Check out our selection of Flowmaster exhaust kits to find the perfect exhaust kit and and exhaust tip match for you.

Catalytic Converters

In these unfortunate times, people are needing to buy catalytic converters more than ever. Fortunately, you can find a great product with Flowmaster. Upgrade the stock system for optimal performance and durability for the life of your vehicle.

Flowmaster catalytic converters come in many models and styles to fit any vehicle you have on the rack. Browse our Flowmaster catalogue to choose the right part for your project.




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